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OneClass Home

The OneClass seat is the ideal way to work, eat, or simply relax in transit to another destination. With an 80 inch seat pitch, and a chauffeur pick up from home, it's all included, on us.

Let's look at what we've got.

First we'll get you straight to the airport lounge. Don't think about airport security, we will have a private security in our lounge, so much easier. After security, walk into the lounge and find the many ways you can spend your time before your flight. We have places to work, a bar for drinks, and a place to sit down and let you get some food if you are a bit peckish. No need to check the flight status board at the airport, because we will call your flight, so just go straight into the place from the lounge.

Here is a list of the great things OneClass has to help you: